"It is a privilege to recommend Rick and Sharon Stangler for ministry involving teaching on the Holy Spirit.  I have seen the fruit of their ministry.  They are good people who love God and minister with great effectiveness,  The seminar they teach on the ministry of the Holy Spirit is always well received by people.  Something good always happens when they minister.  I recommend them highly."

Clark Whitten, Senior Pastor, Grace Church Greater Orlando,


"It has been my privilege to know and work closely with Rick and Sharon Stangler. A part from a rich friendship my wife Tammy and I enjoy with the Stanglers, even more gratifying has been the numerous opportunities to minister together during altar calls, teaching, and counseling others through the Word of God. I’m sure you will find Rick and Sharon delightful, energetic, and capable on many fronts, and anointed by God in touching lives."

Bill Snell, Director of Missionary Ventures USA,



"As a Pastor, I am honored to recommend Rick and Sharon Stangler to you. My wife and I have had the privilege of knowing them personally and working with them in various ministries. They have assisted us in ministry to Young Couples. This outreach helps engaged and newly married couples establish the foundations of their relationship in the area of communication, finances, family planning, and other important aspects of married life. I personally attest to their high moral character and integrity."

Pastor Danny Jones, Metro Life Church,


"Just a word of thanks for all you have done to help make the Women’s conference a success. What a blessed week end that was provided for the ladies. We are most appreciative of your participation and efforts. We couldn’t have done it with out you. You are an inspiration and great encouragement to me personally! May God continue to bless your ministry!"

Pastor Mary Jo Hudson, Kansas City,


"Rick and Sharon Stangler were the speakers at the Women’s conference here in Majuro. They did a great job. It was a pleasure to have them with us. The women were touched and changed by the preaching of the Word and the Spirit. Their style of ministering was very refreshing. They ministered as a team and demonstrated how a husband and wife flow as a team. They certainly made a lasting impact on the women of the Marshalls."

"We also appreciated their attitude while they were here. They adjusted to the culture. They have great potential in the Kingdom of God and we can see how they can benefit the Kingdom of God in whatever capacity you need them to function in. Be blessed and have an awesome day in Jesus."

Steve and Shawn Clark; Missionary Ventures International, Missionaries in the Marshall Islands


"The presence of God was very strong while in the Marshall Islands. The people have been really blessed, not just the women but the men and children too. You can tell by how happy they were, full of dance and joy!

Rick and Sharon did an awesome job using illustrations to emphasize their messages. Their hearts are truly for the people, and they don't exult themselves.

The ministry didn't just stop at the pulpit. During the times they were not speaking, they were blessing the people by the laying on of hands declaring and believing God will do miracles.


"It was refreshing to see them hugging and ministering to the children. I was an eyewitness to the Marshallese getting healed, set free and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. Rick and Sharon flow in the Holy Spirit and it really blessed the people!"

Catie Bentley, a US attendee