A ten-year old in a desolate African village could not speak or hear. Sharon asked the Lord to do what only He could do. Within minutes she began to scream. Sharon said Mama and the little girl replied Mama and then Dada. Can you imagine what was going through this little girl’s mind and the many that witnessed this? With a huge smile on her face she ran through the African village speaking. English at that. People were amazed! For you see there is a strong hold of Buddhism in that country that holds people in bondage. Miracles of God changing a village!

Sharon walked to her tent to get ready for the crusade that night. Rick was going to preach. A surprise voice of God whispered in her ear "she (the little girl) does not have a name." and “I want to name her Joy.” We wanted to give her a middle name. The fitting middle name for Joy was Grace. JOY GRACE is now her name.


Joy’s Mom came up and said, ‘What did you do to my daughter?” God the creator, Jesus His Son healed her daughter to wholeness. Joy’s mother responded that she wanted to know this God and Jesus. We had the privilege of leading Joy, her Mom and Aunt that very moment to the Lord. God has done a miracle for this little girl and it will touch and change lives here in this village and many more in days to come throughout the world.


Rick preached that night at the crusade, in the village of Bungo, Africa. In the middle of nowhere, except for a dark sky full of stars. People gathered and began to worship with Rick preaching the Fathers love. The story of Joy and the miracle of God touched the hearts of people and broke the holds of bondages! Many invited Christ into their heart and the village witch doctor gave his life to Christ and began to burn all of his bags of magic and paraphernalia. With brokenness he repented to all his people whom he had put curses on and for the hurt and pain he had inflected on people. People Changed in God’s presence. The village witch doctor renounced his voodoo and now has reenrolled in Bible College.


These two people are World Changers Today for their village and the Kingdom of God. One touch from God can change your life.


We were invited into a home to pray for a man who had been in a car accident four years ago and became completely paralyzed. We read Matthew 9.1-6. After many hours of working alongside God, this man came out of his wheel chair, stood up and his legs came alive! He received His miracle! While weak from being paralyzed, he was strong and mighty in faith! Other members of his family were so excited about his healing and wanted theirs too! God the healer was in this house and all three received their healing. Sign and wonders here in China. Unbelievable!