With thanks to God for allowing us to be His servants.  And thanks and

appreciation to all we met while in China on this glorious mission.

DAY 1 (February 20th)

Departed Orlando


DAY 2 (February 21st)

Arrived safely in Shanghai after 17 hour flight and never saw darkness! It is snowing with the wind howling, cold and freezing and the fireworks are red hot and booming! Chinese New year! You may ask how do you survive in an air plane that long. It is easy when God has called you to GO! We did not know where to go so we asked the Lord for a favor. We only had 1 hour to get through customs (minus one missing bag) and find our way through the airport getting to our connection flight bound for Dalian. Humanly that is impossible. With God nothing is impossible. A man out of nowhere said “you need help so follow me and I’ll take you to where you need to check in.” Pushing us through security, we run like crazy and are the last ones on the plane. We made it. This man was an angel.

The lead missionary was in the Dalian International airport waiting for our arrival. What a good feeling to see him! Then on to the apartment where we will be staying. We have a double bed and heat in our room with a place to store our clothes. Remember the lost bag? It had all Sharon’s beauty supplies, her flat iron for her hair and all of her healthy aids and many more items. Think God has a lesson? Sharon says it is okay.


DAY 3 (February 22nd)

Awakened at 7 a.m. refreshed, eating oatmeal we brought from home and meeting the staff one on one. Looking outside the window here comes snowflakes. Wind howling and the roof tops are getting whiter with snow. It is really coming down with snow now. We are singing How Great is our God and Great thou Art. First meeting will be at 2pm to be introduced to the rest of the staff.


DAY 4 (February 23rd)

We spoke with the student staff that were desiring a move of the Holy Spirit and wanting to see with their eyes and hear with their ears. They had open hearts while requesting to be touched, and letting go of the old. They were flexible and trusting. Divine favor and divine appointments. Healing and reconciliation between leaders is beginning. Lunch with two leaders of a government church plant in progress. Nine of us gather around the table for a glorious time together. Last night we met at the English Corner Club coffee house. In 2005 Kenneth, Rick and Sharon pioneered English Corner. Kenneth’s vision is out of the box. People are coming here to learn English. A young man Michele spoke five languages. One of them was French. We learned Dieu est bon: “God is good!” Twelve year olds Tina, Helen and Susan asked us many questions as they love to do at the English Corner Club. One question was…."What is your favorite book?” We replied “the Bible.” “What book is that they asked?” Tina had a palm pilot in her hand so we told her to look up BIBLE. Oh, she said "that is a famous book in America!"


DAY 5 (February 24th)

Today we were blessed to speak at the International Christian Fellowship which presented a wonderful opportunity to worship with many nations while presenting a powerful message of hope and challenge into the lives of college and career students. Young lives with great promise! They are seeking truths to strengthen their paths of choice. Buddhists, Hindus, Christians all ready to embrace Rick's words. With ears open they listened as Rick articulated the power of choices out of Hebrews chapter 11. An hour later souls were opened as the altar was full of repented hearts, people seeking direction plus truth and answers that only God's word could answer.


DAY 6 (February 25th)

Three years ago, we met someone from Canada. At that time, God told him to fly Rich and Sharon plus eight others to Beijing for an all-day prayer meeting with leaders from other nations. This was an impacting experience. To our surprise, he is here in China with us today! It is amazing how God charts our paths to cross.

Along with an interpreter, tomorrow we leave for Dandong which is a little town (little by Chinese standards) that sits on the Yalu River next to the North Korean border. One of the main attractions here is a bridge that used to run between China and North Korea that the Americans accidentally bombed during the Korean War. It's now only half a bridge as the Koreans never rebuilt their side.


DAY 7 (February 26th)

Our day started very early. The city has many high rises and is full of activity with people moving like ants! God has helped us so much by placing our care with John who helps us to translate.

Our bus trip took four hours to Dandong through the country side with mountains and rivers frozen over with snow. This is where we are teaching. One of the leaders of the local school and church said that something is missing. We explained about God and His work. Teaching the Encounter to the younger generation will change their lives and potentially the shape of this communist country!

The local Chinese people are treating us very well. We are working very hard and doing great but it is so nice to receive email here from all of our friends. Keep it coming! The lost bag had Rick’s hormone shots so please say a prayer for him.

DAY 8 (February 27th)

We met many students and are having a sweet, sweet time today. Teaching was powerful and students received! Think of the best day of your life and that is what was said about all that transpired as the student’s expectations were met. These people came to receive. Hunger is the word to explain their zeal and passion. We are so blessed to be here.

DAY 9 (February 28th)

More people than yesterday! A student told her friends that there was a move to include God in their lives. We have witnessed three known healings. Back healed... stomach healed... man's heart. The work goes on and many have come out to receive and be blessed. Today is better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than today. The excitement of faith is building on what they are experiencing. We have been asked to visit in the future and build a bridge to many encounters of a heavenly kind. Faith works where understanding ends.


Tomorrow, we will return to Dalian.


DAY 10 (February 29th)

We had prayer time at the North Korean border to start the day. It seems so dark and cold on the other side with no life in sight. People try to escape for a new life and freedom. They take a big risk to come across that river to find hope. They are desperate! We are teaching one encounter that God can change your life. Now we return to Dalian.

DAY 11 (March 1st)

Time goes so fast. Here it is the first of March already! We are sitting at a table overlooking trees with no leaves but the sun is shining brightly to give some warmth. It is sooo cold here... colder that the coldest ice cubes! We heard that it got very cold in Florida but, as we think of you, we envy the warmth that is now coming your way.

We are doing wonderful and the work is a rewarding Godly encounter! It is very hard to express what is going on due to the local conditions. We are unable at this time to give you God's report in great detail. Our brothers and sisters are dong fine and are introducing us to many cultures. They are experiencing all the gifts we are able to give through God's love.

Rick is in his element! While speaking, he is right at home. We make an awseome team together. It is so encouraging for the Chinese people to see a great marriage like ours and the love we have for each other while working as one. Now we are preparing for another glorious day tomorrow. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep praying for us as we help God to help others.

DAY 12 (March 2nd)

Rick spoke on "Stand Your Ground" which is a message from Jentezen Franklin. Rick loved this message and delivered it today. It was his desire that this message go around the world and so Rick brought it to China. Many people were so touched and inspired! The pastor stood crying saying that this message was for him and the breakthrough he needed.

While driving back to the apartment, we had a surprise drive through the scenic route around the ocean with magnificent castles. We never dreamed there was such beauty in China. Wonderful beauty everywhere! The land is as beautiful as her people.


DAY 13 (March 3rd)

For the next few weeks we will be addressing many issues including bringing healing into the lives of those marred by pain and needing restoration. We will be working with people like a little girl we found rejected for not being born a boy! She is faced with a life faced with pain, rejection and anger. With no trust in God she finds it hard to have faith of any kind.

Everything is going great but for sometime, we will be unable to respond to your emails. Please pray for us as this very rewarding journey continues with God’s blessings.


DAY 16 (March 6th)

This has been the best day of all! Full and glorious! Everyone we touch wants so much more. And it makes the 36,000 miles we will travel on this trip all worth while. We are absolutely loving this Godly experience.

DAY 17 (March 7th)

We were invited to speak at a large congregation church controlled by the government. What a privilege! So many hands rose while worshiping. Teaching Life in the Holy Spirit and walking in the fruit of the Spirit. Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit’’ says the Lord Almighty Zechariah 4:6

Sharon asked if they wanted love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. With excitement in their voice and hearts they said a resounding yes! Repeated each fruit and invited God in their heart and filled with the Holy Spirit. Glory filled the room.


(From Wikipedia: The government census enumerates 4 million Catholics and 10 million Protestants. However, independent estimates have ranged from 40 million to 100 million to 130 million Christians in January 2007 out of a total population of at least 1.3 billion people). In October 2007 two surveys were conducted to estimate the number of Christians in China. One poll was held by Protestant missionary Werner Burklin, the other one by Liu Zhongyu from East China Normal University in Shanghai. The surveys were conducted independently and during different periods, but they reached the same results. According to these studies, there are roughly 54 million Christians in China, of which 39 million are Protestants and 14 million are Catholics. As of 2007, indigenous Chinese Christianity is growing in contrast to Christian adherence in the West, where it is in decline in many cases. Nicholas D. Kristof, a columnist of the New York Times wrote on June 25, 2006, "Although China bans foreign missionaries and sometimes harasses and imprisons Christians, especially in rural areas, Christianity is booming in China. "In 1800 there were 250,000 baptized Roman Catholics, but no known Protestant believers out of an estimated 362 million Chinese. By 1949, out of an estimated population of 450 million, there were just over 500,000 baptized Protestant Christians. Anonymous internet columnist Spengler commented in 2007 that Christianity "will have become a Sino-centric religion two generations from now.")


DAY 18 (March 8th)

Today we were invited into a home to pray for a man who had been in a car accident four years ago and became completely paralyzed. We read Matthew 9.1-6. After many hours of working alongside God, this man came out of his wheel chair, stood up and his legs came alive! He received His miracle! While weak from being paralyzed, he was strong and mighty in faith! Other members of his family were so excited about his healing and wanted theirs too! God the healer was in this house and all three received their healing. Signs and wonders here in China. Unbelievable!

DAY 19 (March 9th)

Rick spoke at the international church fellowship. Two services both different. Mostly university students attended the first. Many of them are making up the new China. At the second service he spoke on fight the good fight of faith. Faith to fight your fears, feelings, facts and circumstances that want to withhold your faith. Your faith wants to fight for your future. Faith is trusting past your understanding and believing in the unknown. Many decisions were made and people told us how blessed and encouraged they were. It has been an honor to receive many invitations to come back. We thought it strange to get more invitations to speak in a communist dominated country than in the so called free world.

DAY 20 (March 10th)

The Nature and Charter of God is today’s teaching. Taking students on a journey to The Cross. He must increase... I must decrease… Taking communion and receiving at the cross. This is the opening week and beginning of the first International School of leaders in Northern China. Pastors and future leaders from three nations have arrived to be taught and discipled. These leaders are going to be WORLD CHANGERS TODAY by making God known to all!


DAY 21 (March 11th)

Today's teaching was the Father's Love. What keeps us from receiving His love? Issues of the heart, past experiences, family issues, fear and mistrust are some of the problems we must deal with to have a break through to receive God's love. Ministry is a posture not a position. Like a servant washing the feet of another person. Today we followed Jesus’ example and did just that as we washed each others feet as a sign of service and God’s love to each other.

DAY 22 (March 12th)

Our teaching today was Freedom from Roots of Strongholds. Peter a student, said “he is free!” His first encounter with God! He was healed by the Holy Spirit. Past hurts and issues of the heart were dealt with by each leader and many received forgiveness and healing over past issues. One of the most powerful days we’ve had!


DAY 23 (March 13th)

Today's teaching is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Leaders from three countries were all eager to learn about the Holy Spirit. This was a day to not only learn about the Holy Spirit but the students and leaders had a Godly encounter while experiencing Him!

In the evening at the Worship Center, the crowd was three times greater than last Thursday night. Many decisions for Christ where made and the Spirit of the living God fell fresh on everyone there. The outpouring of the Spirit was unbelievable. A picture was taken and an Angel was captured on the photo! There will be much more to tell you later. Many university students attended. It was awesome being part of this happening! The young generation is going after God. Worked continued after the service by counseling two couples to strengthen their marriages.

DAY 24 (March 14th)

Today's teaching is the Fruit of the Spirit. A banquet table was set with nine different fruits with each one representing the Fruit of the Spirit. Love… Joy… Peace… Patience…Kindness… Faithfulness… Goodness… Gentleness… and Self control.


As a result of having a visual of the fruits, it was amazing to see a change in each student and leaders the way they received! The way they saw and learned about the Fruit of the Spirit truly had an impact on their life! Ask Rick and Sharon to visit you or your group and they will set the banquet table for you as they did in China!


Tonight Rick and Sharon had an invitation back to the Three Self government controlled church. Crowds are growing. This is God’s favor because no one can speak in the manner of Rick and Sharon. God is opening up doors that no man can shut! The lead Pastor asked Rick and Sharon to teach on welcoming and inspire their hearts to the Holy Spirit. A Chinese church leader said “amazing things are happening under the leadership of Rick and Sharon. They have a freedom in Christ and strength of the Spirit that we do not get to see here in the government controlled church.” They were favored to be here in the Three Self Church. This encourages our faith! When Rick and Sharon called for salvations and the sick people for healing, people responded. We prayed. We invited the Holy Spirit to come, cried with overflowing love from God. Chains of fear were broken and were replaced with peace.

DAY 25 (March 15th)

It is a day of prayer and fasting for Sunday. Sitting in the presence of God, waiting and listening to what God would have Rick and Sharon do on Sunday. Today we are preparing like soldiers going into battle. Tomorrow, we go forth prepared and ready.

DAY 26 (March 16th)

Today we preached and in the middle of the service we were blessed to perform a wedding. It was a beautiful! Then a reception with lunch. This was followed by teaching a four hour seminar on the Father's Heart of God and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. Lives were changed as the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of the leaders. China will only be changed as the hearts and Spirit of her people embraces the Father's heart and receives His love. Then to close out the day we were asked to minister to more church leaders in the government controlled church. The power of God shows up and things got exciting! The Government can't control what happens when God shows up. Salvations, Healings, and powerful manifestations to the Glory of God!


DAY 27 (March 17th)

With thanks to God for allowing us to be his servants. And thanks and appreciation to all we met while in China on this glorious mission.


P.S. After traveling more than 17,000 miles we are safely home and filled with the reward of God's love. This has been one of the most exhilarating missions ever and will be pleased to report many more details in our next newsletter. Thank you one and all for sharing our daily experiences.